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Author Leach, Arthur F.
Title The Schools of Medieval England.
Work Type book
Language English
Publication Date 1915, rpt 1968
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Citation Leach, Arthur F. The Schools of Medieval England. First published 1915; rpt New York and London: Benjamin Blom, 1968. [See esp. Chapter XI, "The Almonry or Choristers' Schools in the Monasteries," Chapter XII, "The Fifteenth Century and Humanism, and Chapter XIII, "Henry VIII and the Schools. Includes several plates.]
Identity male|singer|instrumentalist|child|adolescent|beginner|advanced|monastic|
Milieu city|village|monastery|
Education education|repertory|choirschool|
Flourished 1450s|1460s|1470s|1480s|1490s|1500s|1510s|1520s|1530s|1540s|
Region british|
Illustrations illuminations|teacher|
Record Number 164

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