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Author Weiss, Susan Forscher.
Title "Musical Pedagogy in the German Renaissance."
Work Type Article in Collection
Language English
Publication Date 2002
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Keywords music pedagogy in Germany, choir schools, pedagogical texts, Martin Luther, school plays, Cantor [Kantor], choirmaster
Citation Weiss, Susan Forscher. "Musical Pedagogy in the German Renaissance." In Cultures of Communication from Reformation to Enlightenment: Constructing Publics in the Early Modern German Lands, edited by James van Horn Melton. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2002, pp. 198-224. ["...the Germans were interested in teaching practical elements of music...."]
Identity actor|child|adolescent|beginner|advanced|monastic|
Milieu city|village|monastery|
Education education|liberalart|philosophyed|socialskill|chant|rhythm|proportions|modes|counterpoint|composition|lessons|apprenticeship|fairs|repertory|improvisation|ornament|organ|
Materials prints|treatises|notebooks|guides|books|
Flourished 1450s|1460s|1470s|1480s|1490s|1500s|1510s|1520s|1530s|1540s|1550s|1560s|1570s|1580s|1590s|1600s|1610s|1620s|1630s|1640s|1650s|
Region germany|switzerland|
Illustrations illuminations|notation|
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